Tips For Hosting A Backyard Wedding And Reception

With wedding costs continually rising, more and more couples are looking for ways to have a beautiful wedding and reception without breaking the bank. One way to help keep the costs of a wedding and reception affordable is by holding the wedding in the backyard of a friend or family member. If you want an affordable, and yet gorgeous and memorable, backyard wedding, use the following tips:

Evaluate the Space

Venue rental charges can be quite high, so having a backyard wedding can save you thousands of dollars. But when you have a backyard wedding, it is important to evaluate the space before you send out save the date cards or make any further plans for the wedding ceremony or reception. The amount of space you have in the backyard will play a huge role in how large your guest list can be, so make sure you start the planning process by determining how many people you can comfortably host in the backyard.

Book Your Rental Items

One of the easiest ways to transform a normal backyard into your own private wedding venue is by renting a variety of items. One of the first things you should book is rental tables and chairs. This will ensure that all of your guests have a comfortable place to sit during the ceremony and after the reception starts. Many couples also opt to rent a tent in case of inclement weather, and rented dance floors are also popular. Many event rental companies also offer extras for rent, such as tablecloths, dishes, glasses, and cutlery.

Arrange for Catering

Unlike at many wedding venues, you and your groom can choose any caterer that you want when you have a backyard wedding and reception. Take the time to research different catering companies in your area and ask to see their menu options. Many caterers can prepare menus onsite at private residences, and there are often options that are both delicious and affordable.

Rent Restrooms

Depending on the number of bathrooms in a home and how many guests you are inviting to the wedding, you may need to rent portable bathrooms for the event. Doing so will ensure that your guests do have a long wait to use a restroom, and can also protect the homeowner's plumbing. In this day and age, there are many companies that rent very elegant portable bathrooms that can come equipped with running water and electricity. 

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