Renting A Bounce House? 3 Ways To Keep Your Kids Safe

Bounce house inflatables have been the life of many a kid's birthday party. Parents who rent them are heroes in their children's eyes. However, before you sign on the dotted line, make sure you know these simple ways to protect your kids.

1- Size matters

When looking for a bounce house for your child's party, be sure to begin your search with a complete head count of children attending, complete with ages. Armed with this information, you will be able to get a house of the appropriate size. A bounce house that is too small to accommodate the number of children at the party will not give them ample space to enjoy themselves and may increase the likelihood of injury. Meanwhile, a bounce house that is too large for your group is really just a waste of money. Crunching the numbers with the bounce house rental company will help you to find the house that fits your party just right.

2- Make sure you are getting a bounce house for the appropriate ages.

Bounce houses are made specifically for children ages 3–12. They should be able to enter and exit the bounce house on their own, but not be too big to cause real damage to the house. Bounce houses are hazardous to children under the age of three due to the fact that with all of the movement from other children and the house itself, standing after a fall can be a real issue. This increases the potential for smothering or suffocation after a fall. Monitoring children playing within a bounce house is a must!

For children over the age of 12, check with the rental company. They may have interactive games for rent, which older kids will find more appealing.

3- Group by age and SUPERVISE

Once the day of the party has arrived, make sure to assign an adult to be in charge of the bounce house. Older children are often much stronger and heavier than younger children. Hence it is wise to only let children who are close to the same age play in the house at the same time. This way they can really get out their energy while not injuring younger children accidentally. In addition, the supervising adult should only allow the appropriate number of children into the bounce house at one time. Overpopulating bounce houses leads to injury.

With these three simple precautions, your inflatable bounce house will be a big, safe hit.

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