Three Keys To Bouncing Into A Foam Pit

For many people, one of the best parts about visiting an indoor trampoline park is getting to jump into the foam pit. Many parks have vast foam pits that run alongside a row of trampolines, and it can be fun to bounce as high as you can and then land among the large blocks of foam. If you haven't previously jumped into a foam pit, there are a few keys that can be useful to remember. Employing these tactics will ensure that you land safely. Here are three keys to bouncing off a trampoline and landing in a foam pit.

Pick Your Spot

You don't want to bounce off a trampoline and then land in the foam pit without first assessing the situation. People are generally encouraged to climb out of the foam pit quickly after they land in it, but some people may momentarily linger. Before you take your final bounce and fling your body into the foam, you'll want to look at the area around you and make sure that you have a clear spot to land. If you see people in the foam, you should continue bouncing on the trampoline until the people have moved away. Once there's an open spot for you, you can make a few high bounces and angle your body toward the foam as you descend.

Go Feet First

At most trampoline parks, it's prohibited to enter a foam pit headfirst. Doing so is dangerous, similar to how a headfirst dive into a shallow swimming pool is dangerous. You'll always want your feet to be the first part of your body that enters the foam pit. The higher you bounce on the trampoline, the more time you'll have to get your body into the right position for entering the foam pit. Many people keep their feet together so that they sink more deeply into the foam. Having your legs apart, much like jumping into water, will ensure that you don't go as deep.

Position Your Arms Accordingly

Before you jump into the foam, it's useful to think about whether you want to sink deeply into the foam or remain closer to the surface. The position of your feet will play a role in this, but you shouldn't disregard your arms. If you want to go deep, keep your arms at your sides so that your body is as thin as possible. Conversely, if you want to keep your head above the top of the foam, you can extend your arms to each side of your body so that they create resistance when they hit the foam. 

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