Four Tips For Building Fabulous Teams

One of the keys to business success is having a well-oiled system for building your work teams. Smart business owners and managers know the quality of their teams depends on not only the individual members but the way they work together. Here are four ideas for developing a team that functions cohesively and utilizes the strength of each member while downplaying their individual weakness, creating growth.

Establish Your Authority

Even if you prefer not to manage with an authoritarian style, it's still important that you clearly show leadership. This is your job as manager of your employees. They need to know you are in charge and in control, which should be done with concise communication and expectations. Then they will know they can trust you and your decisions.

Define The Team's Goals

Once you have established your authority, you can then convey your message. Your team needs to know your vision, principles, values, and most importantly, the company's goals. Making sure everyone is on the same page will go a long way in helping your team help you meet your goals.

Garner Loyalty And Commitment

In order for employees to feel useful, they have to feel you value their contributions. Don't forget to remember why you hired them in the first place. They want their skills and area of expertise put to good use. When they feel like you are utilizing them in the ways they are best able to succeed, they will return the favor with loyalty to you and a commitment to your vision.

Encourage Team Members To Learn Each Other's' Strengths

Every member of a team contributes their own unique set of skills and personality. Not everyone wants to be the leader. Some are more naturally suited and happy to follow. While some members may be extroverts and more suited to deal with customers, those team members who are introverted will likely be more happy working behind the scenes.

One way to foster teamwork is to provide team building exercises occasionally. This tends to highlight each member's strengths and weaknesses. Consider taking them to a rock climbing wall center where the members must help each other reach the top, creating both a metaphorical and literal example of reaching the top. Another fun idea is to have a mobile escape room come to your place of business. Teams must work together to solve the clues and find their way out before time is up. This is also an excellent way to foster a bit of friendly competition between the teams, especially between your sales teams.