Three Things To Know About Renting A Moon Bounce

If you have been tasked with organizing a child's birthday party, you will need to be sure that there is a suitable source of entertainment. In particular, renting a Moon Bounce can be one of the more common ways of providing your children and their friends with a source of joy and fun. However, if you are looking to rent one of these devices for the first time, there are several key questions that you should have answered.

Will A Moon Bounce Be Safe?

Some parents will have concerns about their children suffering injuries while they are in the Moon Bounce. However, these devices are actually very safe as long as the children using it avoid roughhousing with each other. This is due to the interior of it being extremely soft so that the children can jump and fall without being at a major risk of being injured.

Can The Moon Bounce Fly Away In The Wind?

It is important to note that there are some minimum requirements for setting up the Moon Bounce. These devices are fairly large and light, which can put them at risk of being damaged during high wind events. As a result, you will need to check with the rental provider to determine the maximum wind speed that the Moon Bounce will be able to withstand. To avoid having to cancel this part of the entertainment, you may want to have an alternative set up location that is inside. This will allow you to change your plans so that the Moon Bounce can be set up inside if it appears that there will be strong winds on the day of the event.

How Long Will It Take For The Set Up To Be Complete?

It can be easy to assume that a Moon Bounce will be extremely time-consuming to set up. This is due to the belief that these devices will be difficult to inflate. However, a Moon Bounce can be inflated fairly rapidly as long as a suitable air compressor is used for this task. To avoid complications that could delay the set up of this device, you should leave this work to the professionals from the rental firm. They will have to training, experience and tools needed to be able to safely and effectively set up the Moon Bounce as quickly as possible so that it will be ready as soon as the guests start to arrive for the event.

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