Invite These Local Entertainers To Perform At Your School Assembly

When you work as a school administrator and you want to liven up an upcoming assembly, it can be advantageous to think about what local people you can invite to take part. This is especially true in assemblies geared toward younger students, as they may grow restless with lengthy announcements and various bits of school news. The list of local entertainers that you can involve in your upcoming assembly is nearly endless. You'll need to pay some entertainers, while others will perform for free in exchange for perhaps being able to distribute advertisements about their services for the children to take home to their parents. Here are some entertainers to consider.


Children of all ages find magic to be fascinating, which means that inviting a local magician to your school assembly show can be highly valuable. If you advertise this show in advance, the children will be anticipating it and will be overjoyed when the event finally arrives. Magicians who put on shows for children are skilled at encouraging involvement; instead of just performing, they'll commonly take a number of volunteers from the student body, which can be exciting for those who are selected and those who are watching alike.

Reptile Expert

Animal trainers and experts can also be perfect additions to your school assembly show. Whether you arrange a visit from a trainer who works at the local zoo or petting zoo, or contact an independent service that deals with reptiles, this approach can be entertaining and informative. The expert can arrive at the assembly with a variety of reptiles and other small animals and can talk about each animal, as well as emphasize the importance of conversation. Of course, there will also be an interactive component, as children will be invited onstage to hold the animals.

Motivational Speaker

Although motivational speakers are often synonymous with giving presentations in corporate settings, it's never too early to start encouraging young minds. A motivational speaker who has a children's presentation can be an important form of entertainment for your school assembly show. This dynamic personality will encourage, uplift, and empower your students, which can have an impact that lasts years and even decades into the future. Contact these three individuals in your community to talk about involving them in your next school assembly show, and you'll be injecting a considerable amount of enthusiasm into your students and staff alike.

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