Organize A Trivia Night As A Fundraiser For Your Organization

If you work for a charitable organization and you're looking for fun activities to raise funds from community members, you may wish to consider a trivia night. This type of event can be more enjoyable for people than many other forms of fundraisers, as it provides people who will donate funds with an entertaining night out. There are several things that you'll need to do in order to provide the community with a successful event, and the following tasks are a priority.

Secure A Venue

Even if your charitable organization has a building, it's generally a good idea to look outside this location for a venue for your trivia night. Pubs and restaurants in the community can be effective locations, as attendees will be able to order drinks and finger foods. If you were to rent a hall for the event, for example, you'd have to look after hiring a catering service, which is another big job. Lots of establishments will offer you a reasonable rate for booking their locations because you're a charity, and they also know that you'll be bringing them lots of patrons.

Set Up The Game

You want your trivia night to be properly organized, so make sure that you and your organizing committee spend lots of time working on the details of the game. You'll need a master of ceremonies who can be assertive and a clear communicator to a room full of excited people. It's generally effective to come up with different categories for your event, as a broad selection of categories will allow participants with varied interests to excel. There are many ways that you can come up with trivia questions and answers, including writing your own with the help of the internet or even using cards from trivia-based board games.

Advertise It Widely

In order for your trivia night to be a success, you need to have your event well attended. Advertising the event is key, so use as many methods as you can. Posters hung in different venues around town can be effective, as can placing an advertisement in the local newspaper or having the newspaper write a promotional story. Give out as many details as possible, making sure that people are aware this is a charitable event. You also want to tell people the price of their tickets (and where to get tickets), how many rounds of trivia they'll be guaranteed, and whether there will be other charitable elements at the event, such as a fundraising silent auction.