Foam Parties: Celebrate a Special Occasion with Some Good Clean Fun

Foam parties are fast-becoming the new rage across the globe, but this sudsy fun is nothing new. These bubbly events date back at least to 1932 when Louis Armstrong would perform on a stage of suds. These are perfect for a low-cost feature that guests love at receptions, birthdays, and special events.

Why not? Plan to turn your next bash into a foam party:

Perfect for inside or out. You can pull-off a foam party inside or out, though the clean-up outdoors is far easier. This makes it a feasible party feature for any time of the year, too.

Skip the dish-soap. While it is not uncommon to use dish-soap for your foam, this could be irritating for the eyes. Talk to party rental staff about the best soaps for your foam party; if you still plan to use dish-soap, make sure it is free of fragrance and dye to reduce potential irritants.

Save your floors. Don't forget to rent a pool or bounce house for your foam foundation. An inflatable or plastic pool will save your floors inside the home from getting saturated and sticky; a pool or bounce house outside will preserve your turf or lawn during the party.

Foam fits any budget. It is possible to pull together a foam party on any budget. Foam machines are inexpensive to rent and will transform your venue into a sudsy stage!

Blast the music. Music is essential at any foam party; after all, everyone will want to dance in the foam, so make sure you have plenty of tunes on-tap. If budget allows, consider renting a DJ for your event.

Make a 'no shoe' rule. Assert a no-shoes rule to prevent guests from slipping and tripping when walking in foam. Better yet, invest in cheap rubber flip-flops or slippers for guests to wear when arriving at your party.

Plan for finger foods. Finger foods work best around foam and make clean-up even easier after.

Cover the walls. Protect your walls with sheets of plastic, shower curtains, or tarps to make it easier to remove any residue from the foam later.

Pick up plenty of glow sticks. Glow sticks are the perfect party favor for after-dark foam parties. Plus, they are cheap; you can usually find packages of glow sticks or glow pendants at discount and dollar stores.

Talk to party rental services such as THE FOAM GUY about renting what you need for your next foam party. This is the perfect way to attract people to your next event and to create memorable photos and video for later. Turn your next get-together into a trendy bash with foam!