Simple Strategies For Keeping Your Kids’ Game Room Tidy

Your home's game room can be an ideal haven for your kids. It's a place where they can play all their favorite games or create their own with their imaginations. You may even give them more freedom within the game room than you do other rooms. However, it's still important to keep it clean. You never know when you may welcome visitors. Also, having the entire home clean can provide a great feeling. Consider these simple strategies for keeping your children's game room nice and tidy without taking away any of their fun.

Make It Easy for Kids to Pick Up After Themselves

Making it easy for children to keep the game room tidy can be the easiest path to success. Bring big plastic bins into the room, then add a decorative label to each bin that clearly labels what should go inside that bin. For example, you may dedicate one bin specifically to board games and another to puzzles. The bins can look attractive when lined up together across a back wall.

If you have dance or exercise games that kids play regularly, emphasize the importance of having a clear floor for safety reasons. Otherwise, children may trip over the clutter on the floor and hurt themselves when focused on playing an active game.

Set Clear Rules for Keeping the Game Room Tidy

Communicate to children how important it is for them to keep the game room tidy. Come up with a few simple rules that they need to follow each time they play in the room. The fewer rules, the better. If you are going to set them as rules for the room, be sure to also communicate what the penalties will be for breaking them and what the rewards will be for keeping them.

Some examples of rules you may want to set for the game room include the following:

  • Never play an active game if there is clutter on the floor. All clutter must first be cleared.
  • Put all the pieces to each board game in the right box after playing with them.
  • Return all small games to their proper bin after playing them.
  • If something falls on the ground, pick it up.
  • Dust all equipment and big games before leaving the room.

Set all these rules based on practical needs and what you want kids to do. If you have a pinball machine, pool table, or other big games, having children dust these treasured games can help them stay in good condition. If kids complain, you might want to be ready to explain the reasons why you made the rules in the first place.

Finally, try to approach cleanliness in each game room in a fun way. Consider creating a reward system where you give children small game prizes for following the rules for several weeks in a row. When you keep your attitude towards cleaning the game room light and fun, kids are likely to want to participate and keep things clean, too.

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