Score A Touchdown With A Well-Planned VIP Tailgate Party

Whether you are a business owner looking for a way to lift the spirits of your employees who happen to be sports fanatics or you are just one of the guys who wants to make sure your Superbowl party is one that goes down in history, a VIP tailgate party could be the answer. VIP tailgate parties are often catered by entertainment and event organizing companies and offer far more than just a regular tailgate party. If you want to make sure your VIP tailgate party pleases every attendee, there are a few things you will want to make sure are included. 

Request an all-you-can-eat food setup. 

One big game can last a few hours or more, and if you are having your party around a major championship, the party could go on for several hours. Simply serving up food all at once or by the serving will likely leave your guests looking for something to munch on as the party wears on. One of the best features of a VIP tailgate party is most organizers will work with you to create an unlimited supply of food. You can create an endless supply of munchable favorites, such as hot wings, nachos, and more for your guests. 

Pay the additional for a full open bar. 

A full open bar is far better than just setting up a bin full of ice and beer and expecting guests to be pleased with whatever you provide. Instead, opt for the full open bar option if the event company offers this as part of a VIP tailgate package. Your party-goers will be able to head to the bar and request the drinks that they want, whether it is a cold craft beer or a glass of wine to go with their chicken wings. 

Go with large projectors for watching games. 

Some tailgate parties are meant to be held at the actual sports arena, but when you are planning one outside of a stadium, whether it's at home or somewhere else, watching the game on a screen should be carefully integrated into the event. You can go with large-screen television, but projectors can give a wider view of the action so all guests can get a good view of the play-by-plays that are going down. Most VIP tailgate parties that are organized will include a mix of both projectors and televisions to watch all the fun.