Finding the Perfect Wedding Venue on a Budget: Four Locations to Consider

Planning a wedding can become expensive quickly, and finding the right venue might set you back quite a bit. If you have a strict budget for your wedding, you can still find a beautiful venue with just a bit of creativity. Here are some ideas to consider when you are looking to stretch your dollars.

Park District

Park districts have a wide range of facilities available to rent for weddings. You may choose an outdoor park, or you can make use of a local recreation center or other park building. In larger cities, the park district might even have a boathouse or other unique venue to consider. While the prices may vary depending on the park district, you may be able to find discounts for being a resident in the area to save even more money. If you do want to have an outdoor wedding, be sure to ask about facilities for caterers and restrooms to ensure you can meet the needs of all your guests.

Short-Term Hotel Rental

Short-term hotel rentals can be perfect for weddings. You can use this option if you are looking for a destination wedding, and you can find a wide range of properties to consider. These short-term listings can sometimes include large mansions and expansive properties, making it easy to find a beautiful backdrop for your ceremony and reception. Because you can also stay in the rental, you won't have the additional cost of hotel rooms for you and your chosen guests. Be sure to talk to the owner about your plans for the property to ensure you'll have full access to the property as well as permission to invite guests.

Local Restaurant

You might already be considering a restaurant for your rehearsal dinner, but it might be a good idea to consider one for your wedding as well. Some restaurants have private dining areas available with enough space for a ceremony and small reception, while others may offer the option of renting out the entire business for an evening. You might even find that there is no charge for renting a private dining room if you meet the catering minimum, which means you can save on the actual cost of the venue itself.

Public Buildings

Local governments sometimes make their public buildings, such as libraries or community centers, available for private events for a small fee. The venues are typically available after-hours, so there are no visitors to contend with as your bridal party arrives. Contact the local government to see what the potential costs may be, and then partner with a wedding planner to finalize all the arrangements.

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