3 Great Beginner Tips For Mini Golf

If you enjoy golf but aren't that good at it, mini golf is a great alternative to traditional golf. You don't have to worry about driving the ball great distances. If this is your first time playing and you're looking to have success early on, remember these beginner tips. 

Study the Courses in Advance

Before you go out to play an actual game of mini golf, it helps to study the courses you'll be playing on. You'll then know the layout of each course and will have a better idea of how to approach each hole.

A lot of mini golf establishments have detailed maps of their courses online or printed out in a brochure. You can study these to get a feel for each hole, including the terrains, obstacles, and hole lengths. After this preparation, you'll be able to hit the courses with full force and ready for anything.

Use Your Own Putter

Most mini golf courses will supply the putters. There are a limited amount of size choices available, making it a good idea to bring your own putter. The owner of the mini golf establishment should be completely okay with you doing this, so long as you follow the rules and still pay their set prices.

With your own putter, you'll already have a leg up on your competitors. The putter will be perfect for your size, and it probably has features you're already accustomed to. Not only that, but your putter is probably high-quality and thus can lead to better putts.

Stay Cognizant of Hazards

A huge reason why mini golf is so popular today is that each course is filled with hazards. There may be a building you have to get around or tunnels you have to go through. Although these hazards are meant to make mini golf more fun, you still need to take them seriously.

Every putt you make should be done with the hazards in mind. If you're not sure how to approach a particular hazard, putting a couple of feet away from them is a good strategy. You will then be closer to the hazard and have a better grasp of how to tackle it going forward.

There are so many incredible mini golf courses to play on in every city. If you're playing for the first time, make sure you come ready. You'll then be able to have a lot of fun and do well, even if you have no prior experience golfing or putting. For more information, reach out to an establishment like Bonanza Golf and Gifts.