4 Types Of Camera Rigs Found At Film Production Studios

When you rent out space for use at a film production studio, you gain access to all kinds of professional camera equipment. The use of camera rigs can help you set up shoots and capture professional-looking footage. Learn about the types of camera rigs available and the various shots you can capture with these set-ups.

1. Slider Rigs

Sometimes referred to as a dolly, a slider rig allows you to create a moving shot on a stable base that removes the jerky movements and motions found when holding a camera by hand. A slider rig can move the camera side to side or front to back, all depending on the shot you need.

Some slider rigs include motorized movements so you can set up camera shots with precise movements and camera speed. The quiet motor provides smooth movements so the shots look smooth on film.

2. Overhead Camera Rig

If you want to take shots from straight up and down onto a subject or person, then you need an overhead camera rig. For example, if you want to shoot two people laying in bed together, then an overshot rig will offer a unique perspective. The overhead camera rig is ideal for shooting objects on tables, desks, or other locations.

The rig provides stability and extra support for the cameras. Controllers connected from the base of the rig allow camera operators to easily change the zoom and focus for ideal capture options.

3. Camera Jibs

One of the more common rigs you will find at a full-service film production studio is a camera jib. Also known as a crane, the large sweeping rig offers a lot of custom camera movements. You can pan upwards, swing the camera across, and create fluid motions as you capture unique shots.

For example, you could start out a shot close-up on a person's face and then slowly pull backwards and upwards to reveal the whole scene. Camera jibs are ideal for green screen work and can really help you branch out with the shots you create.

4. Steadicam Rig

If you want to capture handheld footage, one of the easiest ways to do it is with a steadicam rig. A steadicam connects to the body of a camera operator, allowing the person to step inside the scene and capture intimate footage with a rough and unique feel. The steadicam keeps the camera at a single height and allows body movements to control how the shot looks.

Consider using one or more of these rigs then next time you look into a full-service production studio rental.