What To Expect At Your First Ax-Throwing Session

In recent years, ax-throwing has become an entertainment event held at establishments across the country. If you are looking for an exciting sporting activity to engage in with friends or family, consider visiting an ax-throwing business to try your skill. Here is what you can expect at your first session to help prepare you for an engaging time.

A Bit About The Game

When you go to an ax-throwing entertainment center, you will have the opportunity to read over the rules of games played before you step into your designated area. Ax-throwing is conducted using a standard tool with a sharpened blade. You throw it at a wooden board with imprinted or painted rings placed upon it, much like that of a dartboard. Each area between the ringed lines has a point designation. Most establishments use a ten-round game where players rack up as many points as possible depending upon where the ax lands during their turns. In addition to this standard game, there are other games available each with its own skill level and strategy.

Staying Safe While Engaging In A Game

Since you are using a sharp-bladed device during your session, it is extremely important to stay as safe as possible throughout your stay. You will be presented with rules to follow so you and those around you do not become injured. This includes keeping your hands away from the silver portion of the ax and refraining from throwing the device until you have assessed the whereabouts of other players nearby. Everyone playing should remain still when a player is taking a turn. The ax can then be retrieved to hand to the next person in the game. If you have any concerns about safety, be sure to inquire when you arrive at the entertainment center so you are confident in your gameplay moves.

How To Throw An Ax Properly

If you have never been to an ax-throwing center in the past, you may wonder how to send your device toward its target without falling short or missing the wood altogether. Wear comfortable clothing so you can move unrestricted. Forego jewelry to minimize the possibility of snagging the device during your movements. You can throw an ax over-handed using one arm, or using both hands upon the shaft of the device. If you have difficulty gaining enough ground with the one-hand method, switch to the over-the-head method with two hands to determine whether you increase distance. Stand upon the line on the floor in front of the wood target, moving slightly to the left or right depending upon which arm you intend to use. If you use both arms, stand centered to the target. After a few practice throws, move your body depending upon where the ax ends up to ensure a successful outcome on subsequent throws.

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