4 Types Of Camera Rigs Found At Film Production Studios

When you rent out space for use at a film production studio, you gain access to all kinds of professional camera equipment. The use of camera rigs can help you set up shoots and capture professional-looking footage. Learn about the types of camera rigs available and the various shots you can capture with these set-ups. 1. Slider Rigs Sometimes referred to as a dolly, a slider rig allows you to create a moving shot on a stable base that removes the jerky movements and motions found when holding a camera by hand. Read More 

How To Make The Most Of Your Video Streaming Subscription

If you have paid to become a member of a streaming service, then you are probably hoping that you have gotten a good deal. Many people find that video streaming services are well worth the money. However, if you want to make sure that you make the most out of your subscription, consider the tips below. Sign Up for the Email Newsletter If you haven't already, sign up for the email newsletter through your video streaming service, if they offer one. Read More 

Need Some Pump-Up Music For Your Playlist?

There's all kinds of reason you might need an upbeat playlist. Some people can't get any work done around the house without some music going, for example. Or maybe you need to add spice to your daily run, and you've worn your current playlist to death. Sometimes you just need music to help psych you up to do a task that you don't want to do, such as taxes or cleaning the bathroom. Read More 

Avoid Uncontrollable Issues With Your Wedding By Finding Certain Venue Qualities

When you think about getting married, you may know that you are interested in having a reliable experience in which you do not have to worry about things going wrong by chance. While this is not something that you will be able to guarantee entirely, you can minimize the chance of experiencing any problems during your wedding by prioritizing venues with certain qualities. Indoors An excellent example of an event that you can avoid is poor weather conditions. Read More